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National Fried Chicken Sandwich Day

In honor of National Fried Chicken Day -- totally a legitimate holiday -- we wanted to share our favorite Fried Chicken Sandwich in Los Angeles. Thrillist also published a list today with more information regarding the best fast food fried chicken and the 11 greatest fried chicken styles if you are looking for other options.

Our pick is at Redbird and is their BBF Fried Chicken Sandwich.

This beauty tops the fried chicken with a Kimchi Slaw and Yuzu Kosho Aioli. It comes with house-made pickles and french fries on the side.

The fried chicken may look ordinary from the outside but when you bite into it you discover these wonderful layers. Chef Neal Fraser sandwiches chicken breast and a dark chicken mousse that are then breaded and deep fried. We shared it but this is definitely a sandwich you will want all to yourself.

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