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Welcome! We’re Jessica & Joe Bob, husband and wife food bloggers from Los Angeles, California. As Mr & Mrs Smith we vow to eat, drink and be married.


Join us on our journey as we explore food and drink from the perspective of a married couple. We share many of the same likes (molto italiano!) and dislikes (hold the seafood), but it’s not all culinary bliss….Jessica craves Indian food; Joe Bob cringes at the smell of curry. Joe Bob orders his steak almost mooing; Jessica prefers only a little pink. Marriage is all about compromise, right?


Together, we seek out the latest foodie destinations, from fancy-shmancy to hole-in-the-wall. Our only criteria: it must be good! Explore which trends we embrace...and those we hope pass quickly.


But like most married couples, we can’t – and don’t want – to eat out all the time. We enjoy cooking together. From experimenting with new recipes that push our cooking skills to recreating the comfort foods that feed us on a daily basis, we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Try our favorites and share in our successes and, yes, occasional mishaps. Food is an adventure.

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