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Lunch On the Go in Vienna

With so much to see in this metropolitan, yet historic city, Vienna has numerous solutions for lunch on the go. As expected, there are no shortages of sausages, with Wurstelstands (sausage stands) on nearly every corner. There are many varieties: Burenwurst, Bockwurst, Weisswurst, Liverwurst, etc. They’re generally served sliced up on a place with a side of mustard or ketchup and a piece of bread. You eat a bite of sausage and then a bite of bread. They don’t put it in the bread like a hot dog.

However, Mr Smith’s favorite version was similar to a hot dog. Basically, they cut off the top of a bread roll; core and warm the inside (it is cold out on the street this time of year) using a long, pointed metal stick; and then they squirt your choice of mustard or ketchup in side.

They insert the Bratwurst you like and your ready to go.

Unlike a hot dog, you can easily eat and walk with no spillage. It’s genius!

In America, we refer to plain sausages as “weiners” after Vienna, or Wien as it’s known locally. That’s not what the Viennese call them. They guy who invented them named them after his Frankfurt, Germany, where he had lived. Thus, in Vienna, what we call weiners are called Frankfurters. Mr Smith enjoyed another Viennese concoction, a käsekrainer, basically a wurst with cheese inside. When you bite into a warm käsekrainer, the cheese just oozes out.

Mrs Smith liked the Leberkas from Leberkas-Pepi. This processed meat (think Spam) tastes much like a hot dog. It should be noted that Mrs Smith’s upbringing in Hawaii gave her an appreciation of spam that not everyone shares. Here in Vienna, it’s “freshly” made (not canned) and often served as a sandwich for easy eating on the run.

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