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Christmas Market Food Finds in Nuremberg

Dozens of bountiful stalls surrounding and leading to the Nuremberg Christmas market provide local and tourists alike with a delicious supply of produce and goods. We were surprised at the quantity and quality of fruits and vegetables available during this cold last week of November. In addition to berries, the organic apples had hearts on them.

Almost every variety of fruit available, and some that weren’t, came in dried form. We enjoyed the cinnamon apples and sweet cherries, though the dried mulberries were very tempting.

Cherries came bunched on long limbs. While they looked good enough to eat, they were to be used for decoration.

The cool climate allows for many fresh wreaths, made from various greenery and fresh and dried fruits, to add décor all season long.

Tempting treats filled the Christmas market itself. Hard candies came in a host of flavors, including the regulars like cherry and mint, along with the more unusual sage, rose petal, and, not surprisingly, gluhwein.

Mr Smith appreciated the candied apple in the likeness of Cookie Monster.

Though not edible, the miniature cooking and food items to be had made us wish for a dollhouse in which to put them.

You can’t leave the Nuremberg Christmas market without repeated samplings of the two biggest traditions: gluhwein and lebkuchen.

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