What to Eat for Dinner in Nuremberg

November 29, 2016

Yes, we do eat at different places in Nuremberg each night, but dinner looks surprisingly similar. Some of that is because the Bavarian cuisine is rather limited; and some of it is because we do have our favorites.

Nuremberg is most known for its specific variety of sausages. These small links look and taste much like American breakfast sausages. Oddly, the only meal for which we haven't eaten them is breakfast. At dinner, they are usually served in orders of 6-12 with a side of sauerkraut, potato salad, or horseradish.

To shake it up a bit, at Bratwurst Röslein I ordered another favorite of Central and Eastern Europe, though we hadn't had it yet on this trip, some sort of meat covered in brown sauce. In this case, it was sauerbraten, which is braised beef smothered in a gingerbread sauce with cranberries and a homemade bread dumpling. If you could put the holidays on a plate, it would taste much like this.

Of course, when at dinner in Nuremberg, it goes without saying that there is also beer and, more importantly, pretzels. The pretzel was born in Bavaria and we'll take it over a plain ol' bread basket any day.

This isn't the last of the sausages and pretzels...

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