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Café Savoy – Elevated Dining in Prague

Prague is great for casual, on-the-go eating, especially during Christmas market time. But for our last night in town, we wanted something a little more upscale. Café Savoy has been feeding the people of Prague since 1893. While we love visiting historic eateries, too often they’re firmly locked in their former glory days. Not here. Café Savoy has managed to stay current while remaining a classic.

To say that beer is the drink of choice in Prague is an understatement. The Czech Republic consumes more beer per person than even Germany. Wine on a menu is a rarity despite the country’s burgeoning wine industry. So, it was nice to see such a robust wine program at Café Savoy. That said, it was our last night in Prague, so we ordered the local pilsner. Even with crystal chandeliers sparkling overhead, Café Savoy is not above serving a perfectly poured brew.

The same can be said for the food. There are some fine dining options for sure, but they share equal menu space with the local delicacies such as schnitzel and sausages, which fit our mood. Just because the dishes we ordered aren’t fancy by nature didn’t mean that Café Savoy couldn’t spruce them up. A silver dish provided a warm bath for the sausages waiting to be eaten. Two kinds of mustard and freshly grated horseradish accompanied.

At most Prague restaurants, the main dish is just that – the main dish. Any sides must be ordered separately. Here, the double portion of pork schnitzel came with a welcome side of potato salad. Something about potato salad and schnitzel just balance each other so well.

Café Savoy may be most famous for its pastries like strudel and třený koláč, which many locals come for along with their morning espresso. At night the desserts add richer offerings to finish off dinner.

Our dinner was only $26. That includes the tax and a small gratuity. As with all our other meals in Prague, we found this to be delicious and relatively inexpensive. For many, Czech food is either unknown or not well thought of. We beg to differ. Given a chance, there is a lot of good and affordable food and drink native to Prague. We look forward to trying even more the next time!

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