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Artisan Candy Making in Prague

Prague continues to respect the art of hand-making items, especially throughout the Christmas markets. Of course, we enjoyed watching this beautiful candy being made from scratch.

First, they take large sheets of thick candy (basically melted sugar, water, and some flavoring).

Then they form them into a super-sized version of what the final, tiny candy will look like. In this case, the design in the middle is a pineapple.

Next, they roll and stretch the still warm, soft candy into a thin tube, what will be its final size.

Here are the final tubes of candy as they harden. You can see the tiny pineapple shape in the middle.

They are then cut into small pieces and bagged up with other fun shapes and flavors. Right in the middle is the finished pineapple one.

So much goes into making these little candies, but they are really adorable!

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