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Thanksgiving in Prague

After traveling some 30+ hours, we found ourselves in Prague for Thanksgiving. With only time for dinner before finding some much needed rest, we headed to Prague hot spot Lokal just around the corner from our hotel. Of course, it was just a regular Thursday for the folks here in the Czech Republic and there was no turkey and dressing to be had. So we went for the local cuisine and made it work.

For ham we substituted pork schnitzel. Potato salad replaced the typical mashed variety. And slowed cabbage was about as much green as we could find. Sausage and mustard found its way to the table because, well, it is Prague. Of course, at around $1.50 a glass, the local pilsner flowed freely. It may not have been traditional to us, but it's all very traditional here and we were more than thankful to be taking part.

If Thanksgiving is truly about sharing good times with family and friends, while we missed our own, we are grateful to be living in a world where we can break bread with those who don't even speak the same language, making new friends and memories.

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