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Best Burgers in Los Angeles

Always in Style: In-N-Out

Mrs. Smith likes it protein-style. Mr. Smith prefers a double-double with grilled onions. Either way, there’s nothing a little In-N-Out can’t make better.

Not Your Father’s Burger: Father’s Office

Swap iceberg lettuce and cheddar for arugula and blue cheese, slather with bacon onion jam, and put it all on something other than a hamburger bun – oh, and no modifications, not even ketchup. Is this still a burger? Yes, it is. And we still consider Sang Yoon’s original gourmet burger our favorite!

A Modernist Burger: Plan Check

Does something as good as a burger need engineering? Ernesto Uchimura thinks so and has concocted a burger complete with americanized dashi cheese, schmaltz onions, mixed pickles, a crunch bun, and, most famously, ketchup leather. Yes, it’s a thing.

Going Old School: Bill’s Burger

This daytime-only shack run by the somewhat cantankerous Bill Elwell, 89-years-old and still flipping the burgers himself, has delivered some of the Valley’s best for over 50 years.

Bring on the Heat: Umami Burger’s hatch burger

Umami brought the “fifth flavor” to the masses. Throw on one of our favorites – New Mexican hatch chiles – and it’s a world of flavor in each bite.

Ultimate “Have It Your Way” Burger: Backyard Grill

As much as we love eating burgers out, nothing replaces the fun of grilling in our own backyard for family and friends. Our favorite variation this summer has been the southern fried green tomato and pimento cheese burger we tried from The Chew.

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