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Eureka Restaurant Review

“Eureka!,” Archimedes famously exclaimed. Also both the motto of and city in California, Eureka! is now a casual dining option in Woodland Hills. This mid-sized chain located primarily in California describes itself as, “The enlightening burger experience, accompanied by fresh ingredients, artisan recipes, craft beer, classic cocktails and rock n’ roll.” Promises that it mostly delivers.

The upgraded bar food tastes fresh and chef-driven despite being a chain. A starter of lollipop corn dogs is perfect to split among a group or even shared among a couple if paired with a salad. The ubiquitous, but delicious, shishito peppers are brightened with a splash of lemon and a sprinkling of tobiko, flying fish roe that provides more visual contrast than flavor.

As promised, the burgers are really where it’s at. Our favorite, and most befitting of Eureka’s California roots, is the Fresno fig burger with fig marmalade, melted goat cheese, bacon, tomato, red onion, arugula, and spicy porter mustard. There are plenty of burgers with more flavorful patties and the separate components are fine on their own, but Eureka excels out putting together flavorful burger combinations that consistently deliver.

The place feels comfortable with a friendly atmosphere and trendy farm-to-table look. Service has ranged from adequate to super friendly. With solid comfort food and drinks for reasonable prices, Eureka is a gathering place for friends that rarely disappoints.

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