A Year of Food

Today Mr and Mrs Smith celebrate their first year together of fun, family, friends, and… of course, food! During this first year, we traveled on the most incredible food and wine adventure through the Emilia-Romagna and Piemonte regions of Italy on our honeymoon, bought our first house with a yard where we’ve already planted fruit trees and a garden, and, among other things, started this food blog.

So, why food? Some talk shows and internet postings give a lot of flak to the idea of constantly photographing, talking about, and, they would say, obsessing over food. Why photograph food when you can just eat it?

Yes, food is sustenance. And, when viewed in that way, like air, maybe it’s not so interesting. But food is a lot more than sustenance. We build our lives around food – when we eat, what we eat. We must continually feed ourselves and others in hopefully healthy, tasty, and affordable ways. Food provides the centerpiece for our holidays – Thanksgiving dinner, 4th of July BBQ, Easter brunch. Food is our celebration of birthdays and anniversaries. It’s date night, brunch with friends, and sometimes the deciding factor of that business negotiation.

Food brings us together as family, as friends, and as cultures. It can be unique to who we are and yet something we all share. Food is our ambassador, comforter, nourisher, and friend. To celebrate food is to celebrate life.

Looking back on our food pictures floods us with memories – where we were, who we were with, what we were doing, new experiences we were trying – and appreciation – the delicious ingredients someone raised, the time and care to prepare the food, our own growth as both tasters and cooks. As we commemorate our first year married, we do so with a few pictures of food that helped make this year so spectacular. May we toast to many more years of eating, drinking, and being married!

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