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Fare Trade Box: Chef Brittanny Anderson

This month we got five artisan ingredients hand-picked by Chef Brittany Anderson in our Fare Trade Box. All of these ingredients are locally sourced from the chief's hometown in Richmond Virginia.

It came with step-by-step recipes and video tutorials for a few new dishes we were excited to try. This month had some ingredients we had never worked with before and were excited to experiment with. This week we have made 3 new dishes using the Sweet & Spicy Mustard, Yellow Eye Beans and Hickory Syrup. The coffee beans and shaved sea salt were nice staples to add to our pantry but I'm sure we will find a way to have some fun in the kitchen with those items too.

"Chicken Schnitzel with Sweet & Spicy Mustard"

"Yellow Eye Beans with Creme Fraiche and Arugula"

Recipe Video: Click Here

"Granola with Hickory Syrup"

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