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Cinco de Mayo Dinner Party Recipes, Part 3 – Sonoran Flour Tortillas

One of our favorite Mexican food restaurants is Old Town Mexican Café in San Diego. Where OTMC excels is making the best homemade flour tortillas. Joe Bob has repeatedly embarrassed himself with the amount of flour tortillas he can consume in a single sitting. He can’t even wait for the rest of the food to arrive. He just enjoys them with a little (ok, a lot) of butter slathered on. They’re scrumptious!

It took a lot of searching and trial and error, but at last we found a recipe that comes close. Without years of practice, we may never reach the perfection of the ladies rolling them out daily at OTMC, but it’s good enough for us.

Up your fajita night by making your own tortillas. As Dennis found out, it’s easy to do just in time for dinner. Enjoy the recipe here.

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