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The Fare Trade

Two of our favorite foodie pursuits are finding small batch, artisanal products and expanding our cooking repertoire. At Artisanal L.A. we found a company that caters to both.

The Fare Trade is a monthly subscription service that seeks out noted chefs around the country to curate a selection of their favorite artisanal items. In addition to these tasty goods, the box includes recipe cards and online video links to show unique uses for these items from the chefs themselves.

Our first box was curated by Chef Kelly Whitaker of Cart Driver in Denver, CO. His box included classic creamy peanut butter from PB Love Co, black tie orzo from Zursun Idaho, a Ritual chocolate bar, espresso powder from King Arthur Flour, and sweet molasses chips from The Real Dill. We look forward to trying some of the recipes like the spring Nicoise using the black tie orzo and chocolate rubbed short ribs.

Stayed tuned to see what happens when we try new things and what’s to come in next month’s box!

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