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Gardeners Know all the Dirt!

Once we got married, we couldn’t wait to buy a house. The extra space, private garage, and added cushion between neighbors were certainly perks. But the main reason for trading in condo living was the yard – a place for the dogs to play and us to plant a garden.

Few people would accuse us of being green thumbs. However, we’ve always loved the idea of planting our own garden. We had uneven success together growing herbs on our condo balcony. Joe Bob had experimented with a garden as a kid. Jessica grew up with a mom who was quite successful with her gardening. Now, with a yard of our own, it was time for us to go for it.

We bought and assembled an 8’ x 4’ raised garden kit. Filled it full of 27 cubic feet of garden soil with the help of our friend Dave. Then had the good fortune of having Jessica’s mom in town to help us select easy-to-grow plants for first-timers and get them in the ground. This summer we will try growing 4 type of tomatoes, 3 types of cucumbers, 2 types of lettuce, spinach, zucchini, shishito peppers, crookneck squash and lots of herbs. Now it’s time to sit back, add a little water, and see what the future holds.

Why do it? With our startup costs, it’d be cheaper to head to the grocery store or even the farmers market. They even provide outstanding produce that may end up trumping ours in both volume and taste. But it’s fun to grow things and if it’s true that you are what you eat, then at least we know our veggies and herbs will be full of care, hard work, and lots of luck!

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