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Artisan Cheese Gallery Welcomes New Chef Marc Elliot

Artisan Cheese Gallery in Studio City has long been a favorite stop for Hollywood Bowl picnics, a much deserved work lunch, and all things cheese.

Purveyors of fine cheeses from around the world, few places plate a finer cheese tray than ACG.

In fact, one of our favorite grilled cheese sandwiches of all time we made at home from the suggestion of one of ACG’s cheesemongers. It was a delicate and aromatic sottocenere – cow’s milk laced with black truffle – paired with a cinnamon and butter baked apple. Suprising, yet perfect.

Recently, ACG welcomed new chef Marc Elliot, a veteran of the nearby Tuning Fork and many other L.A. restaurants. To celebrate, ACG hosted longtime patrons and neighbors to complimentary tastings of new menu items. An offer we couldn’t refuse!

Chef Elliot showed off some new dishes. All showed much promise for what’s to come.

A well-balanced Antipasti Salad and a perfectly bacon-y BLT Salad

Lamb Shawarma

Our favorite was the Elvis Sandwich – banana, peanut butter and bacon. A sweet and savory delicacy.

The food paired well with ACG’s well-curated wine offerings. Interestingly, the food served shied away from incorporating cheese, likely on purpose. No doubt many patrons order a cheese tray and look for something else to balance.

While this approach is understandable and welcomed, we hope ACG doesn’t lose two of our favorite cheese dishes: the Aged Gouda Salad with Mixed Greens, Noord Hollander Gouda (Cow’s Milk From Holland), Apples, and Salted Marcona Almonds with Honey Balsamic Dressing; and the Spanish Turkey sandwich with Campo De Montelban Cheese (Cow, Sheep, And Goat’s Milk From Spain), Turkey Breast, Chopped Marcona Almonds, Roasted Sweet Red Peppers, and Aioli on Ciabatta.

We look forward to this new chapter of this beloved Valley shop!

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