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DK's Donuts

Ube donut. We be hungry. Puns aside, after seeing one of L.A.’s famous donut shops featured on a FYI network’s Food Porn, we had to try it.

New York has its bagels; Los Angeles has its donuts. While every mini mall in town has its requisite donut store, not all are created equally. We joke (somewhat) that most of these donuts come from an anonymous Donut Central somewhere and have similarly undistinguished flavor. But when a shop like DK’s Donuts make fresh, uniquely flavored donuts on site, the experience is transcendent.

In addition to being among the first in L.A. to bring us the O-Nut (a now-familiar take on NY’s Dominique Ansel’s copyrighted croissant/donut hybrid Cronut) and the Wow-Nut (yet another spin on Chicago’s Waffles Café waffle/donut hybrid Wonut), one of DK’s Donut’s most famous homegrown inventions is their line of ube-flavored donuts.

Ube is a purple yam often used throughout Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, and Australia in desserts and for flavorings in ice cream, milk, tarts, cookies, cakes and other pastries. It provides a subtle sweetness and vivid purple color to the donuts at DK’s. Jessica chose the one with pistachios on top, which provided nice contrasts in flavor, color, and texture.

While the apple fritter looked might delicious, Joe Bob went with the more picturesque and equally delectable red velvet donut. Just to sweeten the deal, it had a crush Oreo on top. Red velvet and Oreo? It didn’t disappoint.

As we were paying out, Joe Bob spotted in the refrigerated case a traditional yeasted donut cut in half and filled with with chocolate-chip cookie dough. This donut miraculously caused us to gain weight just looking at it. Nonetheless, Joe Bob vowed to return to tackle it next time!

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