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Irish Hand Pies

It’s not always enough for food to please our taste buds. In this world of Instagram and ‘food porn,’ we taste food with our eyes first. Mastering this aspect of the culinary arts can be challenging. This week, we challenged ourselves to two look good, taste good recipes.

First up, in addition to our delicious Irish stew which made a brief appearance on our Facebook page, we attempted Martha Stewart’s Irish hand pie. This image is from Martha Stewart's blog and what we attempted to mirror.

The stuffing with potatoes, cabbage, ground beef, and spices was simple enough. Since it was a weeknight, we chose to shortcut with prepared pie crust.

Since the prepared crust was round and the recipe called for squares, we adapted it to make quarter-circle pies. Working on a curve proved a little trickier than simply folding over a square. We made it work, but we had a few more tears than we would have liked (even the pro video on Martha’s site had a tear, so we didn’t care so much) and the stuffing proved more difficult to make even.

We got better with each one and the baked versions actually looked better than they did going into the oven. The few imperfections didn’t bother us much though, because we ate them so fast they didn’t even get a second look! Not Perfect, but still delicious.

Click here for the recipe

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