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Donuts: The New Wedding Cake?!

While our own wedding was the happiest day of our lives, it’s relaxing to eat, drink, and watch someone else be married. The bride and groom celebrated their Korean heritage with a Korean dinner that made for a refreshingly tasty break from the usual rubber chicken. But the real food surprise of the night came after dinner with the made-to-order donut station!

You could flavor the mini donuts with over a dozen different toppings including cinnamon, maple syrup, caramel, cookies ‘n’ cream, and pumpkin. A dusting of powdered sugar and they tasted just like beignets! These came 4-5 in a bag and were so hot you had to wait for what felt like an eternity before taking the first bite. A sign claimed they were only 26 calories each. True or not, we ate way too many.

Not to be outdone, the adorable cupcakes reflected, quite literally, the style of these two artistic personalities. The taste lived up as well. (Joe Bob did his food blogger duty and tried all flavors!)

Lastly, no wedding would be complete without a cake. This simple cake elegantly adorned with delicate white and pink flowers reminded us of our special day. After all, donuts aside, weddings celebrate love!

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